The Tengger caldera stretches out afar. Along with a diameter of 8 -- 10km. the complete area insures not less than 5, 250 hectares. But at this point of moment what can be viewed is only the sloping edges. A vivid white mist appears to hang about this, covering the vast majority of gaping crater.

In the centre, five interests jut up from the haze, namely the mountains Bromo, Batok, Widodaren, Kursi and Giri. In the very far background, is Mount Semeru (3, 6976 meters over sea level), the highest maximum on the whole area of Java, standing extra tall acting since an anchor for all the all natural splendor that meets the attention at this point. On the other hand, volcanic smoking can be seen billowing continuously coming from Bromo, with occasional mushroom clouds smoking up in the symmetrical high of Semeru, adding to the spectacular sights. A larger the fact that life sensation.

The purple shades of the eastern distance gradually green. Slowly but surely, the sun's honor emerges coming from behind the obscure mountain ranges in the island's east. The outstanding outlook will turn into even more clear as the solar power rays attract the highs and touch the mists... breathtaking.

This can be a most famous and distinguished organic showcase in Bromo at its best. Many people come every year to experience the emergence of the Tengger caldera at sunrise.

It is said long ago lived a lovely woman alluded to by the identity Roro Anteng. Because of her attractiveness, right now there came a day when an bad giant whom possessed magical powers got into contact with her to propose. Not really daring to turn down the giant right, Roro Anteng asked him to make her a exotic desert among the mountains in one night. The woman hoped that the giant probably would not have the power to be able to match her conditional request, in addition before daybreak.

But the monster magician started out to accomplish the unbelievable that very night. However, the giant started to work rather swiftly. On witnessing this, Roro Anteng started to take into consideration how to disrupt the giant's work. Now she considered an mount Bromo Tour idea, hence set out to make noises of all sorts that eventually awoke the roosters. Finally the roosters began to crow, signaling the period of time of dawn.

On hearing the rooster's calls, the large was flabbergasted and became incredibly sorrowful for having failed his task. Discouraged, he used the coconut shell (batok) that the person used to get, which then dropped to the earth beside Support Bromo, developing what is nowadays knows as Mount Batok. Conversely, the sandy simple was to constitute the Tengger caldera.

Nature certainly continues to supply the blessing, plus the Tengger tribes will continue this handed down harmonious marriage. The good spiritual bonds will have for sure.